North of the island of Praslin, just one kilometer from the Anse Volvert, you will discover Curieuse Island (Curious Island in english) which is in the very heart of the Curieuse Marine National Park. This small island, less than 3 km2 in total area, is an integral part of the Seychelles.


This protected site works primarily to protect giant tortoises but also sea turtles. Attracted by the calm of its beaches, it is one of their favorite places to lay their eggs in peace.

The giant turtle farm is a very interesting place to discover these strange old animals under their rugged shells, which you would think straight out of a Jurassic Park movie! The island is also protected for its characteristic vegetation: mangroves, cocos of seas and numerous animal and vegetable species have taken up residence there.

ILE CURIEUSE SEYCHELLESIt was in 1768 that the island was discovered by the French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion Fresne (known as “Marion-Dufresne”) who named it after the name of his schooner “La Curieuse”. Ideally far from any population to avoid contagion, the island of Curieuse will serve as a leprosarium from 1883 to 1965. Thanks to this special function, the development of Seychelles will be done without it, thus helping to protect the fauna and the flora, when most of the neighboring islands will see their lush coastline struck by the massive destruction of man.

Curious and its neighbor, Ile Saint Pierre (St Peter Island), can be visited only during the day because there is no lodging or village. The landing on the island can be done at Anse Saint-José or Laraie Bay. Some hiking trails will allow you to explore a wonderfully wild island and reconnect with the treasures of nature.



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