For unique moments in the middle of a setting of endemic greenery, take to the open sea on a beautiful boat and discover the Seychelles

To make it unique, consider renting a boat to go on a cruise and admire the magnificent Seychelles beaches. In addition, it will be the best way to visit the many islands of this archipelago with its lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. You will surely spend the best moments of your life there!

All the comfort of a hotel on the seas

Seychelles is one of the most popular tourist destinations for sea cruises. The genius of the small boat builders who operate there has made it possible to design sea-going vessels that are as comfortable as they are luxurious. They focus on comfort of life to ensure an idyllic journey to the heart of the Indian Ocean. This way, all passengers will be completely comfortable.

By deciding to rent a boat for your holiday in the Seychelles, you can enjoy all the comforts of a hotel with your feet in the water. There is enough space to accommodate a small family or group of friends if you want to travel with your loved ones. On these cruise ships, the cabins are wide. The cockpit leads to direct access to the outside and offers an unobstructed view of the horizon. The most reluctant will enjoy it even faster than the regulars, because the trip is so unique.

A unique adventure on board a boat

Seychelles is an integral part of the Indian Ocean seascape. In all, it is an archipelago formed by 115 heavenly islands, all connected by a high ground. It covers a large marine territory of more than one million square kilometres. So, to discover these islands scattered over such a vast region, nothing beats a boat trip.

Renting a boat in the Seychelles means sailing quietly around the islands. You can choose between a sailboat, a motor boat or a catamaran. The latter remains the most appropriate means of transport, as its large spaces are adapted to the luxury and comfort offered.

And unlike big cruises, you can manage your own visiting time and jump from one island to another, from Curieuse Island to St Pierre Island, via Coco Island or Cousin and then Cousine. These are the destinations not to be missed.

Young people and adults will equally benefit from it

A catamaran will be your best vessel for a dream holiday on the Seychelles seas. Thanks to its multihull architecture, this type of boat has many advantages.

Adults can, among other things, enjoy a good sunbathing or relax on comfortable trampolines during the journey. For the younger ones, there is a large rear deck and a playground specially dedicated to them.

Inside a catamaran there is also a relaxation area, a spacious lounge that can accommodate up to 10 people. Everyone can make themselves comfortable. The double cabins on the four corners of the boat can also be used as a relaxation room.

For lovers of turquoise beaches, the shallow draught of a catamaran allows you to get as close as possible to the shores of an island. This will allow you to admire them one by one. Try the dam, it’s beautiful.

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Attentive professionals at the service of your comfort

For the exotic gourmet side, you can hire a cook to prepare delicious meals and prepare dishes according to local recipes. This will be an opportunity to discover Seychelles gastronomy, its spices and delicacies. For more chillies, go fishing and ask to cook fresh fish and seafood in the sauce of Seychelles specialities. Finish the meal with cocktails of exotic fruits.

For dives, you can use a professional diver. This will serve as a guide when you do snorkeling. Specialized equipment is available. You can call an experienced skipper for navigation and help you find the best route.

For a little company, you can hire a hostess. She will be in charge and will perform all the tasks on the boat while you play tourist.

Access to a unique landscape   

Seychelles is full of many natural landscapes that are only accessible by sea. Nature has spoiled the Seychelles by offering them a unique environment in the world, with its paradisiacal beaches and turquoise waters throughout the archipelago.

Among the islands to visit is Mahé. It is the largest and main island of the Seychelles. It represents the tourist image of this magnificent archipelago. The main attraction is located on Beau Vallon Beach where Sainte-Anne’s giant hawksbill turtles strut their stuff. A show not to be missed….

And about forty kilometres from Mahé is Preslin, an island that is easily accessible for sea excursions. Between these two islands, the gulls will fly over your boat for a special “guest” show. The fairy terns and frigates will also welcome you and help you to pass on the other side, up to the famous Vallée de Mai.

Discovery of an unparalleled underwater fauna and flora



The simple fact of having a special boat at your disposal will allow you to discover nature, especially the marine fauna and flora. Not only will you enjoy a remarkable view, the coast and beautiful beaches, but you can also sculpt the seabed.

The beaches of the Seychelles are ideal for moments of relaxation, sunbathing or relaxing between two swims and beach volleyball games.

In short, renting a boat in the Seychelles is probably the best way to discover its wonders and relax at the same time. You can admire the particular laxity of the giant turtles that inhabit these islands, and take pictures on the sea bed with them. These centenarians with wide eyes also remain very welcoming. You can also count shellfish or admire the magnificent coral reefs while swimming.

Only fun activities

Seychelles’ seabeds are simply splendid. They are perfect for scuba diving. In addition, some catamarans have the necessary equipment to allow you to dip with fish and sea turtles. In the same way, you can contemplate the surprises that are hidden there.

And if you’re a fishing fan, you could stop at sea and catch big fish. You can then leave them with your cook to grill or marinate them with sauce. At sunset, you can enjoy them with a good wine.

For adventurers at sea, know that travelling by boat in the Seychelles will allow you to visit the main tourist attractions. Indeed, there is no shortage of destinations and activities are as diverse as they are entertaining. You can follow in the footsteps of the pirate La Buse and try to find the loot that is still missing today.

Your skipper at your service

Holidays are about making the most of them. That’s why we offer you a service with a skipper who will serve as a guide and advisor throughout your expedition. He will be able to make himself discreet without disturbing your moments of tranquility. His knowledge of the surroundings will also be of great help.

Your appointed skipper will be present and will help you to carry out your travel plan. He will be attentive to the details to make your holiday unique. He or she can even give you good tips and help you plan your trips, stopovers and visits. So you can’t miss anything.

For the curious, it will be an opportunity to understand and apprehend how to handle a boat correctly. Your skipper will also be able to introduce you to the main manoeuvres of a catamaran and share his experiences with you.

Simple rental procedures  

It is advisable to know the rental options of a catamaran in the Seychelles before renting one. First of all, they are different according to the seasons. The calendars in high and low season are not the same. They also vary depending on the destination.

If you decide to leave in the high season, book the “early booking” to benefit from good prices and choose the best boats. And if you have not been able to book in advance, be aware that there is a suitable offer, the “last minute”. This offer will allow you to make a catamaran trip to the Seychelles, but you will have to choose between free boats.

It would be wise to book your boat in advance and plan nautical events if an opportunity arises. In this case, you will receive discounts.

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A stay at sea without unpleasant surprises

To avoid the unexpected, we thought we’d give you some advice on how to rent your boat. First, make sure you check the boat’s maintenance status before signing any rental contract. Then, be aware of every detail contained in the contract, especially with regard to insurance.

Before setting sail, it would be prudent to make a complete inventory of the boat’s components and check the weather. You can consult your base manager or skipper and decide on the itinerary to follow during your sea trip to the Seychelles. And don’t forget to tell your skipper to sail carefully and not to hurry to reach a stopover.

It is also important to raise awareness among the entire crew about the basic safety rules on board the boat to avoid accidents. Finally, plan your food and other supplies during your stay at sea in the Seychelles.