Because a catamaran seychelles cruise is a unique experience, you will develop your cruise itinerary with the skipper, around a refreshing welcome cocktail.

Repas sur le bateau - Croisière aux Seychelles

The departure and the return can be done from Mahé or Praslin, there is no typical cruise … but you can’t miss the following unmissable sights: Mahé West, Praslin tower, Curieuse Island, Saint Pierre Island, Coco Island, 2 sisters Islands, Cousin/Cousine, Aride, and, of course, the famous La Digue. No cruise in the Seychelles would be complete without visiting these magical places.

Aboard our catamaran Aquatic 2, you will enjoy a personalised and relaxing experience, full of luxury and exclusivity, around the most beautiful islands of the world. Every night you will discover the shelter, the creek, where you will safely sleep, well protected from any sea movement!

Catamaran Aquatic 2 aux Seychelles

We really want your catamaran cruise in the Seychelles to be the best memory of your life. This is why we let you choose your itinerary, the spots you would like to visit and the duration you prefer to spend there. Of course, we will guide you and will indicate the places that are especially unmissable.

Also, we can organise cruises on more distant destinations. It is a perfect opportunity to visit, for example, Les Amirantes, a natural paradise which is still preserved.

The last thing is very important, if we haven’t been clear enough so far : the boat is 100% privatised for you, so you can go wherever you want …

Isn’t it your dream come true?!

Intérieur du Catamaran Aquatic 2